Pieter Esterhuysen Snr

Pieter Esterhuysen (Snr) is the Business Director for the company, he is a qualified Chemical Engineer with more than 40 years experience in engineering, management, consulting and running his own businesses. His qualifications include: Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical), Masters Degree in Business Leadership and another Masters in Industrial Engineering (Cum Laude). Over the years Pieter has specialised in quality management, which brings to Relining Solutions assurance that quality management and controls are embedded in all aspects of the business.

Pieter Esterhuysen Jnr

Pieter Esterhuysen, is the Operations Director, he is qualified as a geo-technical drill operator with more than 3 years experience in supervisory and training positions in Britain and Jamaica. Since 2008, Pieter have been responsible for the onsite management of all aspects of the Relining Solution's business, including CCTV work, relining, patch repairs and dig-ups.