Spiral Lining

Relining Solutions has been using a spiral wound product supplied by SWP - Germany for the past few years and has had great success rehabilitating lines from DN300 - DN1050.

SWP is the perfect Rehabilitation Solution for circular sewer and storm water gravity mains from DN150 to DN1200 pipes.

The SWP system is a “close fitting”, structural spiral ribbed PVC trenchless pipe lining system. A special winding machine is positioned into an access chamber or pit and then helically winds the spiral ribbed strip to produce a pipe within the existing pipeline.

The SWP system is first installed at a smaller diameter and then expanded to be a close fit against the internal surface of the existing pipe.

It is possible to install SWP under live flow conditions.

The SWP profile strip has a dual action lock.

SWP Product Benefits

  • Flow Control is generally not required thus avoiding the inconvenience & risks of by-pass pumping
  • Tight fitting lining solution
  • Small site footprint for the installation equipment
  • Minimal product material wastage which can be recycled
  • Ambient temperature hazard free Installation – (No Steam or Hot Water)
  • Able to be installed under high infiltration conditions
  • Minimum 50 year design life
  • Suitable for circular non-pressure pipe diameters ranging from 150mm to 1200mm