Relining Solutions is a sought after provider of trenchless sewer rehabilitation services. Our main material used for relining is Thermoform, which is a fold-and-form PVC liner that can be distinguished from others by its strength and quality. PVC pipe lining systems such as Thermoform offer a valuable solution to worn and aging pipes for all Councils and customers.

It is structurally sound and provides a tight fit that prevents infiltration and ingress of tree roots. Thermoform conforms to the shape of the hosting pipe line. Despite these forming mechanisms, the liners are able to remain tight and protect against tree roots and other common causes of structural damage.

This PVC pipe liner is also environmentally friendly; no chemicals are used at installation while retaining accuracy on all levels. All products are made in a controlled environment as well.

Thermoform trenchless PVC pipe lining is made from a compound that is unique to the company. The compound has actually been patented for its flexibility and durability. It is a base material of alloy as well.

Our customers are given exceptional value for money as they are provided with a  seamless, tight-fitting PVC line. Once installed Thermoform carries no tension or stress, making it durable and resistant to possible cracking. Due to the incredible strength of the pipeline junctions can easily be replaced or added in the future.


  • Happy residents as no dig-ups or excavations are required
  • Hydraulics or flow capacity is improved by 15%
  • Environmentally friendly as no hazardous chemicals are used
  • Surpass requirements of resistance to gases, chemicals, and corrosion
  • Minimal disruptions as the entire process takes less than 4 hours
  • Extremely strong and flexible
  • Long lasting results