Pipe Bursting

Our partner company Pipe Replacement Solutions (PRS) has, since its inception in 1997, successfully used the pipe bursting method in over 100km of sewer lines. PRS has built a reputation for its innovative solutions in a variety of pipe bursting projects. They use reliable, 45, 65 and 110 ton static hydraulic machines as well as percussion machines when necessary. PRS can burst existing piping throughout the range of 110 mm to 600 mm diameter. Further services include rehabilitation of stormwater pipes, upsizing, slip lining and sideline replacement.

Relining Solutions values this partnership because PRS provides customers with a completely welded and highly durable High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) sewer line. This creates a completely sealed pipeline system; from each manhole to past the lateral boundary risers, making it impossible for root infestation to occur.