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Grand Sheridan Mirage Resort Pool Intake Line Repair

Grand Sheridan Mirage Resort Pool Intake Line Repair

Relining Solutions was approached by “Fullshare” the Grand Sheridan Mirage Resort to present a solution for their 150 mm Diameter HDPE Saltwater Pool intake line as they had a multitude of infiltration points throughout the line which caused major leakage and sand infiltration. This was cause of major equipment deterioration and water loss and pushed the pool chemical requirements off the charts.

Infiltration point

It was simply not feasible for the resort to continue with the problem on hand as the cost to maintain the pool got out of hand and serious focus for solutions to fix the problem was the only way forward.

This under normal circumstances would be an easy fixable problem, but as to no surprise the major problem of pool intake line was smack bang in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef Ocean shoreline. This in turn sent us to the drawing board as planning would be 90% of the execution and the physical project works the other 10%.

Obstacles we faced:

Environmental Management Planning and Permit Requirements: As the pool intake line is in the Great Barrier Reef Ocean shoreline.

Exact location of the pipeline embedded underneath the ocean shoreline.

Ocean Tides: As for the project to be completed successfully we needed the absolute minimum tide to allow us to get in far enough into the ocean to repair the line. Which the only window would be on a Spring Tide as the water would pull back far enough to allow Relining Solutions to execute the project within a very limited time frame as the lowest also becomes the highest when dealing with Spring Tide.

Public Safety: As the project works took place on one of the most popular beaches in the Port Douglas Far North Queensland area and is one of the biggest Holiday Destination for travels coming to Australia. We also needed to move Big Operating plant 2 Excavators and all required plant for approximately 2.5 Km across the beach to the project location.

Relining Solutions executed the project with great success and no time to spare as the tide came rolling back in quicker than originally anticipated. It is with great Pride that Relining Solutions can say we delivered another tricky project to great satisfaction.

At the end of the project we were congratulated by our very satisfied client and was presented with more projects our client needed solutions for.